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6-Pax - 'Excellent game! th' plot were bein' expansive an' intriguin'. th' characters were well played. th' ST's handled our chaos with calmness an' fairness.'

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Thank Ye fer considerin' our crew fer Yer party. In order t' give Ye what Ye be lookin' fer, our crew would like t' ask th' followin' questions. Please answer as many as Ye can an' our crew will contact Ye ASAP. Thank Ye.

Personal Information
What is Yer Name:
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Party Information
What time is Yer Party starting: :
Miles from Downtown Spokane (about):
Is this location accessable by th' bus system:
About how many Bucaneers will be showin' up:
Is dinner bein' served:
How long do Ye want this game t' last:
Average Age Range o' attendees:
What type o' game strikes Yer interest:
Did a specific game from our Library o' games catch Yer eye? If so, which one?
Are Yer guests wantin' t' play th' characters:
Will our crew be handlin' th' printin' or will you: