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Orc an' Pie - 'Didn't get t' accomplish a lot, given me class ad ability, but it were bein' a really fun mini-campaign. Thanks!' - Paula Meyers

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Good day.

My name is Joseph Bullock-Palser an' I'd like t' welcome Ye t' our site. Here, me intend t' give Ye th' brief rundown as t' who our crew be an' what our crew do.

WHO: our crew be 5th Wall Gamin'. A company that is dedicated t' providin' Ye with a quality event that you won't soon forget.

WHAT: our crew run th' range o' event types from simple murder parties t' full weekend long events. Our dedication t' th' craft o' performance means that Ye have nothin' t' worry about. our crew can handle as little or as much as Ye would like.

When our crew run events, our crew send out character sheets t' Yer guests ahead o' time (to encourage period costumin'). our crew then brin' in enough Bucaneers t' handle runnin' th' event an' then our crew make sure everyone is havin' a fun time. our crew can also run multiple games durin' Yer event if that is what Bucaneers want. Feel free t' contact our crew with details about Yer party so our crew can figure out what would fit it best.

WHEN: While th' summer months be usually our most requested time, please feel free t' contact our crew to arrange somethin'.

WHERE: Our main corporation is located in Portland, Oregon. However, our crew be open t' travelin' t' your location.

WHY: our crew be a firm believers o' doin' what Ye enjoy an' th' Booty will follow. 5th Wall gamin' was started in 2007 an' so far, th' belief has proven true. our crew get paid t' do what our crew love an' our crew make a livin' at it. Ye can't ask fer more then that.

HOW MUCH: Ah Aye. th' cost. Since each customer has different requirements, our crew wouldn't be able t' just give Ye a price here. Tell our crew what Yer needs be an' what kind o' budget Ye have and our crew will do our best t' on the plank with Ye. Even if Ye dinna think Ye can afford our Bucaneers, give our crew a call and tell what Yer budget is an' our crew will likely still be able t' make a party out o' it. our crew be aware that advertisin' at Yer event may be worth allot t' our Bucaneers, so our crew may be able t' lower th' price if you be (for example) willin' t' let our crew pass out business cards an' such. So give our crew a call an' let's see what our crew can on the plank out.