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Orc an' Pie - 'As th' original "writers" o' th' "adventure" this is based on, this were bein' a blast. Thanks' - Monty Cook

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Thanks fer watchin' our videos. our crew have put some advertisements in them only t' help pay fer server costs an' such. If Ye would like t' help our Bucaneers, please make sure this site is nay ad-blocked. 'tis a nice way t' help our crew without havin' t' pay anythin' yourself.

If Ye dinna want t', me fully reckon an' nay worries. Feel free t' watch any videos Ye want with our blessin'.

Either case, thank Ye fer Yer time an' our crew hope Ye enjoy these videos. our crew know th' Camera Phone ones be a bit shakey an' bad. But our crew recently got a much better camera an' will be usin' that from now on.

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Episode .9
(The Introduction)

Episode 1

Episode 1.9
(Where is th' Next Episode)

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Og SillyNess
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Girl Scouts
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Kin' Meets Son
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